▓ppeal comprised every caste ▓of Singhalese society.Weighty problems 283un▓known to the most experienced▓ circus man of the western world crowded thems●elves upon us, demanding instant●aneous solution.A delegation of prie●sts in cheese-cloth robes raised● their shrill voices in protest be●cause the space allotted them gave no▓ room for their betel-nut boxes.Half●-breeds shouted strenuous obj▓ections to being seated with nati▓ves.Merchants refused to enter● the same section with shopkeepe▓rs.Shopkeepers were chary of pollution ▓at the touch of scribes.Scri●bes cried out hoarsely at contact with laborers.▓ Skilled workmen screamed in frenz▓y at every attempt to make place among them▓ for mere coolies. The lower the cast

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    pointe /point/

    e● of the newcomer the more prolonged

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    port de bras /?p?r d? ?br?/

    was the▓ uproar against him, and the more vindictive ●his own disgust at

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    pli路茅 /pl膿?膩/

    his inferiors.Th▓e Hindu sudra, in his scanty lo●in-cloth, was abhor

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    a路da路gio /??d?j艒/

    red of all, and s▓hrank servilely behind the usher?/p>

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    ?during the circuit of the t●ent, while each section in turn rose against● him.The na

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    glis路sade /gli?s?d/

    tives, for the mos●t part, refused to sit as circus seats are mea●nt to be sat on, but squatted obstinate●ly on

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    je路t茅 /zh?-?t膩/

    their heels, hugging their scrawny kne▓es.Wily ’rickshaw runn

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    pi路qu茅 /p膿?k膩/

    ers cou●ld be kept from crawling in among the ch▓airs only by extreme vigilance and occasio●nal violence.Buxom br

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